Anti Wrinkle

The cost of anti-wrinkle service depends on the units required. Unit requirement will be decided during consultation/treatment.


Anti-Wrinkle Type A$12.50 per unit

Anti-Wrinkle Type B$4 per unit


Please note appointment time for anti-wrinkle service is 30 minutes and there is a minimum fee of $150 for any anti-wrinkle treatment (including consultation).

Anti-wrinkle treatment areas:

Frown lines

Forehead lines

Crow’s feet lines (smile lines)

Bunny lines (nose scrunching)

Brow lift

Gummy smile

Lip flip

Mouth frown (DAO)

Upper lip lines

Chin dimpling

Neck lift (platysma)


Dermal Filler

Dermal Filler

Dermal filler treatments deliver immediate, visible results.

Only premium products are used at Aesthetic Nurse Aimee and where required, treatments include topical numbing agents to ensure treatment is as comfortable as possible. 

Some swelling and possible bruising may occur post treatment. Aftercare instructions will be provided at time of treatment. 

Treatment Pricing

Lip filler treatment

Lip filler treatment (0.5ml) – $320

Lip filler treatment (1ml) – $430 (results last 6-12 months)

Fixed Price Services

Tear trough filler treatment (75 min appointment / $700)

Upper lip lines (30 min appointment / $350)

Frown lines (30 min appointment / $450)


All other dermal filler treatment area pricing:

Cheek filler

Jawline filler (price varies, typically 2-4ml of dermal filler is required and will be determined during consultation)

Marionette lines

Nasolabial fold lines

Mental crease lines

Mouth corners (oral commisures)

Chin Fillers

1ml – $550

2ml – $950

3ml – $1300

4ml – $1600

5ml – $1900


A free consultation is recommended to all new clients to develop a personalised treatment plan, click the book now button below to book a free consultation.